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Why You Need Landlord Insurance

Becoming a property investor can be incredibly rewarding and as a landlord you expect some sort of financial return on renting your property. As with any investment there is a degree of risk, which takes a variety of forms. A good way for landlords safeguard against potential loss is to take out Landlord insurance.

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Video Feature :: What is Landlord Insurance

Landlord insurance is one of the most important aspects of owing an investment property. Sam Smith from Property Insurance Plus shares how insurance policies are designed to protect landlords.

Living Here attend Melbourne Property Expo

Over the ANZAC long weekend we set up a stand at the Melbourne Property Expo. The Expo enabled us to meet with property investors from all over Melbourne. We had a great many conversations about the active Melbourne market, about where to look for property and how to determine your strategy, locations, property types and budgets.

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9 Ways to settle in as a new Landlord

With property a top investment choice for many Australians, more of us than ever before are becoming landlords. Truth be told, the life of a landlord consists of time-consuming legal responsibilities. Here are some tips to help you feel at home as a new landlord.

1. Remember, your property is a business, not your home.
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Unhappy with your current Property Manager?

It’s time to transfer your management to a new agent!

It is a common misconception that some landlords believe a property cannot be transferred to another management agency while a tenancy is in place…..Yes it can.

The transfer can be managed quickly and easily on your behalf by the newly appointed agent as soon as you have assigned authorisation for them to do so.

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