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Who Pays For Water Charges?

Wanting to understand is a really common question that we are asked by landlords. To give you a little clarity on this, the answer will depend on the type of property and the type of water meter situated at the property.

If the property is not made water efficient, the owner is responsible for full charges on a water utilities bill. If … Read more »

Setting The Rent

One of the best ways to capitalise on your property investment is to bring in the highest possible rent in the shortest possible time, with a quality tenant living in the property.

So how do you determine the rent that your property could achieve? You need to address many important factors like:

Current market demand for your type of property
The rental price of comparable properties (keep in mind, properties do … Read more »

Maintenance is Key

One of the biggest factors in the successful management of your property is maintenance. It can make or break your investment. As a landlord you have a legal obligation to undertake appropriate maintenance on your property to ensure that it is in good condition.

As a landlord your property maintenance priorities should be to undertake works that will:

Maintain the capital value of your property
Prevent minor problems escalating into more costly … Read more »

Comparing Your Investment Options

By Mirium Delacy, featured on

Choosing which type of property to invest in depends on your available capital, your risk appetite and your income and cash flow requirements.

Types of property

The four main market segments are industrial, retail, office (these are all commercial properties) and residential.

Industrial property

Industrial properties include distribution, manufacturing or warehouse facilities. There are three main categories:

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Will You Be Claiming All The Tax Benefits For Your Property This Financial Year

Our friends at  BMT Tax Depreciation have given us some timely tips about Tax Depreciation and your investment property as June 30 is almost here and you may be able to claim thousands of dollars in deductions on your investment property.

Quick facts about depreciation:

With 80% of investors miss out or do not maximising their property depreciation deductions
Depreciation is a tax deduction available to owners of all types of … Read more »