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Video Feature :: Meet Haylee Lavelle our Living Here South Yarra Property Manager

Tenant Of The Month :: January 2017 :: Eduardo & Tatiana

Congratulations to our wonderful tenants Eduardo & Tatiana. Thank you for being model tenants by keeping the property immaculate, paying your rent on time and being easy to deal with.  Enjoy your chocolates!

Reasons to Rent & Not Buy

There is a silver lining to renting. From greater flexibility to surprising financial savings, we have 7 reasons why people prefer to rent.

No worries about garden maintenance. If you rent an apartment, your yard might be maintenance free, or if there is a grassy yard, the landscaping might be maintained by the landlord. If you have a green thumb, of course you can make the most of your space with a … Read more »

Preparing your home for Bushfire Season 

Bushfires cause loss of life and millions of dollars in damage every year in Australia.

They’re devastating, but they’re a fact of life, so it’s critical you understand if you’re at risk, how to minimise that risk and where to get help and more information if you need it.

Embers floating through the air before and after the main fire front are responsible … Read more »