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Things in your home people often forget to clean.

Forget spring cleaning, winter cleaning is just as important. 

And here is the list, in no particular order.

1. Throw blankets

We drape them over the sofa, cuddle up in them in winter, and often find the cat sitting on them. But it seems we seldom clean them.

What to do: Put them in the wash, but air dry outside. Depending on the fabric, they may not fare well in the dryer.

2. … Read more »

Proposed Budget Changes: Key Points

On Tuesday the 9th of May 2017 at 7:30pm AEST, the Australian Treasurer Scott Morrison handed the latest federal budget.

Within the budget, the government proposed some changes to the depreciation of plant and equipment assets and the eligibility to claim these deductions.

The following points provide a summary of the key facts property investors should be aware of regarding the changes proposed:

The Australian Tax Office allows owners of income producing … Read more »

Are you ruining your washing machine without even realising it?

They’re notoriously temperamental devices and it’s generally no surprise to hear that someone’s washing machine has kicked the bucket. But it may well be our fault – and not the machine’s. For how indispensable they are, most of us are guilty of at least a few of the cardinal laundry sins.
So if you want your washing machine to last, ask yourself if you do any of the following.

1. You … Read more »

Video Feature :: Routine Inspections.


Chiara explains why and when routine inspections should be conducted. If you would like further information, please contact our office on 03 98261399.

Portraying Your Home In A Positive Light When Selling.

Every year around 500,000 houses are sold in Australia, the Reserve Bank of Australia estimates. You can be sure that several of these properties have their own unique quirks that may not be to the liking of some buyers. And yet they still sell.

Perhaps this is because buyers aren’t picky, but it’s more likely a result of the work done by the seller and their agent to present the property in the right … Read more »

Get To Know Us :: Haylee Lavelle

Meet Haylee Lavelle, our Superstar Property Manager

What is your position at Living Here South Yarra?  Property Manager

What football team do you go for? Essendon

How long have you worked in the Real Estate Industry? I started when I was 19, so 13 years ago.

What is your dream job? To work on Getaway/Postcards and travel the world

What’s your favourite restaurant? Anything Asian! … Read more »

Five Tips Before Renting To Your Mates

Potentially a good idea gone bad?
5 easy step to help you avoid a relationship breakdown if you’re renting from, or to, friends and family.

Think before you jump

Heard the old saying: “You don’t know someone until you live with them”?

Anything that annoys you about that person now isn’t … Read more »

Tenant Of The Month :: July 2017 :: Denya & Melissa 

​Congratulations to Denya & Melissa on being awarded our Tenant of the Month for July 2017. 

This is the ​first property which the ​girls ​have rented, they are ​certainly ​ticking all of the boxes​ in gaining an excellent rental history.  ​

Thank you for always paying your rent on time and presenting the property ​in an immaculate manner. Enjoy your chocolates & Uni holidays! ​

5 Gardening Jobs for Winter!

With the winter days being cold and grey and all the plants are looking a bit tattered and weather worn; it can be hard to muster enthusiasm for the garden. Winter is an exciting time to be outside. Most of the time you can find a sheltered spot to do some therapeutic gardening to chase away the winter blues and breathe in the fresh air. 

Here are … Read more »