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Oven Cleaning Tips

The biggest tip for cleaning an oven would be to clean it regularly! Regular cleaning makes this job much more manageable and much less effort. When cleaning an oven we suggest you do the following:






Soak metal runners and shelves in warm water with either a dishwasher detergent … Read more »

24 Property Management Secrets to Increasing your Rental Income!

Here are some concepts that may help you improve your cash flow..

Higher Rental Value
Ensure the rental value is assessed on a 6 monthly basis.
Property Depreciation Schedule
As a building gets older, items wear out – they depreciate. The ATO allows property owners to claim this depreciation as a deduction. Claiming all the depreciation property investors are entitled to on an investment property can make a big difference … Read more »

Tenants Of The Month :: October 2017 :: Michael & Bec

​Congratulations to Michael & Bec on being awarded our Tenant of the Month October 2017.

Michael & Bec present their home so well and their rent is always paid early and in full.  Congratulations – Enjoy your chocolates.


Styling a rental property comes with a bunch of barriers not faced by people who own their home.

Just because you’re living there short-term doesn’t mean your home should feel second-rate.
#1 Light it up
Using lamps as your chief source of lighting can do wonders for improving your mood and the ambience.

In the lounge room, try a simple floor lamp with a transparent shade as the … Read more »

How to get your home ready for Spring

As the flowers begin to bloom, we must not let our house be stuck with the winter blues. Spring cleaning is all about freshening up our homes to get a head start on the always hectic finish to the year.

So get the kitchen gloves ready and follow these steps below:

Cull and declutter

Physical clutter can have an affect on your mental clutter … Read more »