Things to clear out of your kitchen before Christmas

You have prawns to prepare, turkeys to stuff, cheese platters to construct and don’t forget the trifle!

This is the one time of year to clear the decks and get rid of unwanted stuff from your draws, pantry, fridge, shelves and benchtops. Be ruthless and the reward will be a smooth run through your Christmas preparations and celebrations.

Throw away or donate to charity:

  1. Broken utensils
  2. Can openers – keep one that works well
  3. Broken Tupperware lids
  4. Tupperware with missing lids (or organise your pantry with them)
  5. Broken pencils and pens that don’t write
  6. Empty jars – unless you will be filling with preserves for Christmas gifts
  7. Utensil double ups – just keep the ones you use
  8. Advertising fridge magnets
  9. Chipped crockery
  10. Near-empty sauces – check the fridge and pantry
  11. Old herbs & spices – check use-by dates as flavours go stale after a year or two
  12. Torn tea towels
  13. Twist ties, rubber bands and bread tags – only keep a small supply
  14. Old newsletters and shopping lists on the fridge
  15. Serving bowls you never use
  16. Coasters – you only need one set
  17. Cook books you never refer to
  18. Cookware you have upgraded from
  19. Unrecognisable items buckled at the back of your drawers

A lot of items are seldom used and can move out of the immediate kitchen preparation zone. Store smaller items in a labelled container in the attic or out-of-the-way shelves of your pantry. Clean larger items before storing elsewhere in the laundry, garage or under the stairs.

Store these elsewhere:

  1. Punch bowl – how many times a year do you use it?
  2. Fancy cookie cutters
  3. Cake decorating tools and embellishments
  4. Gravy boat
  5. Pie weights
  6. Slow cooker
  7. Tea assortment (leave your favourite handy)
  8. Fancy baking forms
  9. Bunnykins or outgrown kids’ dinnerware
  10. Large platters
  11. Deep fryer (empty oil and clean thoroughly)
  12. Pens and pencils – keep just a couple handy
  13. Papers, newsletters, mail and junk mail

Now sit back and enjoy a cup of tea whilst you admire your clutter-free kitchen!

Home Beautiful