Looking after your pets over the holiday season

Everyone loves the thought of a puppy or kitten as a present.

Impulse buying can impact the long term happiness of you and your prospective pet. It’s important to do the research when looking for a new dog or cat. Make sure you investigate breed compatibility and take into consideration your lifestyle before buying any animal. Why not consider adopting an animal from a welfare organisation like the RSPCA?

Some councils offer registration incentives from animals adopted from welfare shelters. If you choose to purchase from a breeder, make sure you conduct thorough background checks on the breeder. Animal breeders, pet stores and online puppy farms can target impulse buyers, charging large sums of money to uninformed buyers, especially throughout the festive season.

During the holidays, it is also easy to overlook the car of our pets. All animals need food, water, shelter and companionship. If you’re planning a trip and can’t bring your pet/s along, make arrangements in advance like organising to take dogs to kennels or cats to a cattery. If you’re away for a short break, ask a neighbour or friend to watch over your pets and leave ample supplies, emergency phone numbers and vet details.

Dogs in particular don’t like being left alone; a lonely hungry and thirsty dog is a stressed and unhappy dog who will bark and cry for attention. Not only does this stress affect your interaction and bond with your dog, it may result in neighbour complaints.

If you see an abandoned dog or hear a dog continually barking, contact your local council.


Stonnington Council