28 Things that are SO Chapel St

Ah Chapel Street, what a weird little darling you are. But you know what’s even weirder? Those of us who live here. Here are a few little things that are just so Chaps, it hurts.

  1. Gym, shower, redress in activewear
  2. Owning, or plan to own a poodle, oodle, staffy, bulldog or italian greyhound
  3. Totally tapping on when you ride the 78 one block, right?
  4. Will walk 2 km from South Yarra to your favourite Windsor cafe for a latte
  5. Knowing not to leave your apartment before 8am on a Sunday
  6. Not blinking an eye at 20-somethings stumbling out of Revs at 12pm
  7. Brown paper wrapped flowers from Prahran Market
  8. Not even noticing the casual $1Million worth of cars parked outside Abacus (previously Sienna)
  9. Black clothing in summer time
  10. Never waiting longer than 15 minutes for a seat at a cafe. We just go to our other, other favourite
  11. You’re a Melbournian by soul, not birth
  12. Alison’s Roast Pork & Crackling rolls
  13. Your boyfriend has at least 3 tattoo’d dopplegangers
  14. Wishing a plague on slow walkers
  15. Knowing each of the buskers by name, or playlist
  16. Taking your out of town friends to Jungle Boy
  17. Following dogs on Instagram
  18. Will cut someone for thinking that Messina is better than Pidapipo (or vise versa)
  19. Overfilling $15 veg boxes from Pino’s at Prahran Market
  20. Checking out Artists Lane to see if there’s anything new
  21. Regretting checking out Artists Lane because it’s kinda stinky, but at least you got a new Insta post #melblife
  22. You made all your friends at the dog park
  23. Having extremely strong opinions about who does the best burger on Chapel Street
  24. It’s normal to pass club goers on your way to the gym in the morning
  25. Never having to walk further than 100m for frosé
  26. Rotating between yoga, F45, Crossfit and pilates
  27. Probably going to be killed by a cyclist on a ‘vintage’ Reid bike
  28. Walking to lunch, but popping into every store for a ‘quick look’ on the way
  29. What a great little list! I bet there were a few giggles when reading through.