Easy Hacks for Renters to Make their New Home Feel like Home

If you’re going to be renting your home for the foreseeable future, here are a few adjustments and improvements that you can make without upsetting your landlord or damaging the property

  1. Door handles & doors

Most door handles are easily removable, which means there’s no need to put up with unattractive door, cupboard or cabinet handles. Most hardware stores will have a decent range of handles, so you can simply take the old ones in for sizing and replace them with stylish new ones.   (Don’t forget to store the old ones for when you vacate).

  1. Curtains & blinds

One of the quickest and most cost-effective ways to update a rental is to buy modern curtains and blinds. If your window sizes are a standard size, you can purchase ready-made blinds and curtains that will fit perfectly; just remember to store the old ones until you move out

  1. Leaning shelves

Check out Ikea or Kmart for clever shelving options. As leaning shelves will only touch a small portion of the wall, they’re perfect for properties with a lack of shelving.

  1. Lighting fixtures

Old and dull light shades and fixtures can diminish the decor of your home, but thankfully they’re really easy to replace. Look online or visit a lighting store for something more modern.

  1. Drawer liners

If your house comes with built-in storage, you might want to do a little renovation on the drawers and cupboards. Give them a good clean, scatter some fresh mothballs around and put pretty drawer liners in. They’ll give you a lovely clean place to store your clothes and you can simply throw the liners away when you leave.