Is It A Good Idea to Allow Pets in Your Property?

This is a great question and the answer will depend on the type of property you have to lease.

If the property is suitable for pets then we believe yes it is a good idea to allow tenants with pets to occupy your rental property. It would be better that they do it with your permission, but with this also comes restrictions and special clauses are added to the lease agreement.

In reality a large part of the market own pets throughout Melbourne. If you advertise “NO PETS” you will lose a high majority of people that would potentially inspect the property and find it suitable to move in. I suggest that even if you really don’t want to allow pets never advertise this. If a potential applicant inspects the property, they have a pet, the property is suitable for pets and they have exceptional references then you may change your mind and accept a pet and as a result have a fantastic tenant move in to your property.

The most important factor to allowing pets in your rental property is to include a special condition in the lease agreement which is the “pet clause”. An example of this is:

“The LANDLORD has given permission for the TENANT to have 1 x Jack Russell dog named Spot on the premises. The TENANT hereby agrees not to keep the dog inside the house and the TENANT will be responsible for repairing any damage caused to the property by the dog during the tenancy.”

Stating the type of pet and name of the pet is important. You don’t want to approve the tenant to have a Jack Russell dog in a small courtyard and six months later the Jack Russell passes away and then the tenant purchases a Rottweiler which would be unsuitable for a small courtyard.   

Ensure the tenant understands the pet policy and it’s is signed. Conduct your first routine inspection at three months and every six months thereafter, this will give you peace of mind regarding the pet and in the unlikely event there is damage you can give the tenant the opportunity time rectify it during the tenancy.