Mould & Condensation Prevention

Winter in Melbourne is very damp and wet which attracts mould. Preventing mould is not only important to your home, but also your health as mould can cause reactions in people with allergies or asthma.

Here are our tips on how to best prevent mould in your home:

Find out Why

Mould can appear due to excess moisture, humidity, condensation or a plumbing issue. It is important to find out the cause so you can act on it.

If you think there is a plumbing issue, please contact your property manager.

Act and Prevent

– Ventilation is the biggest tip we can give you.

– Regularly open windows and doors, wipe away any condensation build up

– Keep furniture a fair distance away from the wall in order for there to be airflow and space between the two

– Avoid over watering your indoor plants

– Open curtains and blinds during the day to let the sun ‘do its thing’

– Have your rugs and carpets professionally cleaned every 12 months

– Use the kitchen rangehood/fan when cooking on the stove and keep them clean to ensure they are working to the full potential

– Put a lid on your pots and pans when possible

– ALWAYS use the fan when showering to prevent a build up of moisture. We suggest leaving the fan on for a minimum of 10 minutes after your shower also and opening the window if possible

– Try to put your clothes horse outside or near an open window/door when possible

– Open a door/window/use the fan if using a clothes dryer to reduce condensation

For more information please contact your property manager directly via email or phone (03) 9826 1399.