5 Most Overlooked Things When Renovating

Transforming your home or rental property through a renovation can be anything from a lick of paint right through to a complete make-over. Budget often plays a major part as to what you undertake and the quality of the finishes and fixtures that you choose. There are however some tips from the seasoned renovator that you should take on board. Some will not add to your expenses, but all of these 5 things can make a huge difference in the final outcome of your renovation project.

1. Grout Colour

Are you re-tiling the kitchen or bathroom? Or perhaps just giving the area a freshen up? Grout colour especially can vary and be tailored to match the tile, area, and usage. Ask your tiler for more information.

2. Storage in Entries

Storage is commonly overlooked, especially in apartments! Storage is essential and can make a huge difference to the use and ultimately aesthetic appeal of a space. Your homes entry space can be utilised rather than left as a dead space with some smart and creative storage solutions.

3. Skirting Boards

Skirting Boards are an essential element in every home, yet they commonly attract little attention or thought when renovating. The right Skirting Boards with ensure your spaces have a clean, structured finish.

4. Benchtop Material

A common misconception is that thicker is better when it comes to bench tops. Choose your bench tops and colours very specifically with their use in mind. Make sure they are practical, durable and made of a finish that will suit the people living in the house (and therefore using the benchtops).

5. Light Switches

For such a small item in a room, a light switch gives you an opportunity to make a statement. That statement may be understated and sophisticated, but equally, there are many cool and trendy light switch designs out there. This could be a relatively inexpensive way really set the tone for your home.