9 Handy Tips For Tenants When Vacating

Tenants can often find the vacating process a very stressful time, but it doesn’t need to be.

Once our tenants have provided us with their intention to vacate, we provide them with a Vacating Procedures Pack to ensure their vacate goes as smooth as possible. Here are a few pointers to help you out.

  1. Find your copy of the lease. If you’re in Victoria and want to vacate at the end of your lease, you need to provide a minimum of 28 days’ notice with the 28th day falling on or after the expiry of your lease. Until written notice is received it is assumed you will remain in the property on a month to month basis until this is provided.
  2. Dig out your Entry Condition Report. Once you have returned your keys, the property manager and/or owner will go through the entry condition report to ensure you have left it in the same condition (with the consideration of ‘Fair Wear and tear”). Go through the report yourself so you are confident you are leaving the house as you found it.
  3. Attend to any Damage. If you have accidentally damaged something whilst in the property, speak with your property manager so you can have it fixed and completed to the required standard. Have this sorted prior to returning the keys.
  4. Light Globes. Ensure all lights are working and replace and globes that have blown throughout the tenancy.
  5. End of Lease Clean. To ensure a smooth and quick return of your bond, we suggest using your agents recommended cleaner (book as soon as you give notice, as they may not be available at the last minute). They will know what the agent’s expectation is and the agent can ask them to go back directly for any reason once you have returned the keys. We highly suggest checking the property after the cleaner has been to make sure you are satisfied with the clean.
  6. Exteriors. Ensure all balconies, courtyards, yards, car spaces and storage cages are emptied, cleaned and left neat and tidy.
  7. Redirect Your Mail. Contact your local post office to have your mail redirected to your new address.
  8. Close Your Accounts. Don’t forget to close your gas, electricity and water account 3 days after handing in the keys. This will allow your property manager time to complete the exit inspection.
  9. Returning The Keys. Living Here can provide you with a photocopy of the keys/remotes/swipes that you were given at the beginning of the tenancy. Ensure you return all keys, remotes, and fobs for the property.