Could Your Property Be Sub-Let Over Summer

Much of the Australian rental property market in suburbs surrounding Universities are occupied by students of those Universities. As expected, over summer when University is out, many of these students returned home or spend these months traveling.

If you lease your property to students, it may spend some time vacant, or there is also the possibility that your tenants could be sub-leased the property to help them cover the cost of the property whilst they are not personally using it.

If you think this could be the case with your property ask your Property Manager to find out if your tenants are looking to sub-lease the property. Unless it is in the lease, they will need to get written approval from you before sub-lease to someone else. If a tenant does sub-lets the property without your written approval you are able to serve them with a 14-day notice to vacate (end the tenancy and leave the property).

A landlord must give permission to sub-let unless there is a good reason to refuse. It is illegal to charge a fee for giving permission.

If your tenant believes their landlord is refusing to allow them to sub-let without a good reason, they may apply to VCAT for a ruling.