Preparing Your Investment Property For The Summer Months

Keeping on top of the maintenance of your investment property is important all year round, but there are some summer specific outside maintenance activities that will ensure your property makes it through the summer months in tip-top shape.

  • Clean Out The Gutters

This one is top of the list is your property, particularly if it is in a bushfire prone area. Cleaning out gutters is an essential part of preparing any property for the fire season to remove the hazard posed by dried leaves, sticks and other debris that gathers in gutters.

  • Summer Garden Maintenance

Leading into Summer is Spring, which is a time of abundant growth in any garden. Whether your property’s garden is large or small it is likely to need some attention approaching the warmer summer months.

Whilst tenants do have some responsibility for your gardens upkeep, it is likely that any significant work falls above and beyond what is expected of them.

Heading into Summer is a good time to attend to cutting back and pruning of larger trees and bushes, particularly if they are close or overhanging the house. You may also choose to mulch your garden beds in an attempt to offer your plants some protections and maintain as much moister in the soil as possible.

If your property has a watering system, it is also worth firing this up to check that it is working as expected and the timer is turned on and set to appropriate times.

  • Check Your BBQ Area

Summer is a time that traditionally the outdoor BBQ is used more often. Whilst a tenant will usually bring their own BBQ, as the landlord, it is worth inspecting the space where the BBQ will be used to ensure that it is suitably set up and clear of vegetation.

If you supply the BBQ, now would be a good time to give it the maintenance once-over to ensure it is in good working order.

  • Clean Your Deck

Your entertaining deck should be checked to see if there need to be any repairs. It may also need a clean to get rid of any moss or slippery surfaces that may have developed over the cold, wet winter month.

All decks benefit from a clean, and ideally also a coat of deck oil or similar timber protection. This sort of regular maintenance will greatly improve the look and longevity of your deck.