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Reasons to Rent & Not Buy

There is a silver lining to renting. From greater flexibility to surprising financial savings, we have 7 reasons why people prefer to rent.

No worries about garden maintenance. If you rent an apartment, your yard might be maintenance free, or if there is a grassy yard, the landscaping might be maintained by the landlord. If you have a green thumb, of course you can make the most of your space with a … Read more »

Answers to the Most Common Questions Landlords Ask!

Owning investment property is very rewarding. There are two main parts to the property investing process:

Finding and purchasing the property; and
Managing the property

Most property investors choose to have a Property Manager handle the second part of this process. This takes out most of the hard work. However, as the landlord of the investment property you own, you cannot abrogate … Read more »

Video Feature :: Meet Sue Abrahams our Living Here South Yarra Business Developer

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Starting with Ray White group in 2004 and recognised as one of the industry’s top performing real estate agents both nationally and internationally, Sue is multilingual and excels in bringing transparency and honesty into all of her transactions. Sue was drawn to Living Here at South Yarra team and the opportunity to work in the Stonnington area.
A go-to agent Melbourne for … Read more »

5 Property Depreciation Tips

Depreciation is the key to increasing cash flow on a residential property. Here are five tips about depreciation to assist investment property owners.

1. No property is too old
An investment property does not need to be new. Both new and old properties attract depreciation deductions. One common myth is that older properties will attract no claim. It’s worth making an enquiry about any property.

2. Claim renovations completed by previous owners
Any improvements … Read more »

Important Legislation Updates – Airbnb and Pets

The prescribed residential tenancy agreement has been amended recently. The amendment states as of 30 September 2016 landlords and tenants will be able to serve notices and other documents via email.

However, consent to serving notices by email needs to be provided in a residential tenancy agreement which must include an email address. Consent can also be withdrawn at any time by giving written notice.

Recent Victorian Court and VCAT decisions have … Read more »

10 Steps For An Enjoyable Property Investment

Investing in property is a long held Australian dream – it’s as if it’s entrenched into our DNA.  We know investors choose property because:

it’s generally less volatile than the share market,
it’s tangible,
there are tax incentives and
you can earn income from tenants.

What’s interesting though is that while many Australians invest in property, few do so with a plan … Read more »

Living Here South Yarra Landlord Information Night

[caption id="attachment_3257" align="alignright" width="225"] From L to R. Michelle Delaney, General Manager Living Here; Bella Pulj, Living Here; Chiara Harrington, Living Here South Yarra; Gerri Keayes, Director, Intelscope[/caption]

Last Tuesday evening we hosted our inaugural Living Here South Yarra Landlord Information … Read more »

Top Tips To Get Your Rent Paid On Time – Every Time!

Managing rental properties can be a profitable business as long as your cahsflow is well managed. Key to this is your tenants’ ability to pay rent on time.

Here are our tips to ensure your rent is paid on time and methods to handle tenants who have trouble paying rent or pay rent late:

Make Payments Automatic
Requiring tenants to pay rent via direct debit or an automatic monthly direct deposit is the … Read more »

Top 6 Tips To Being An Awesome Landlord

Our top 6 include: 

Be Professional
Know the Laws
Undertake Regular Repairs
Respect their Privacy
Be Accessible

Better landlords attract better tenants. Why? If you consider your rental properties as a business, then your tenants are your customers. You’re providing a service that they are paying for. In that case, wouldn’t you want to keep your best customers for as long as … Read more »

Landlord Night Preview

Meet Chiara Harrington from Living Here South Yarra. Here she talks about what to expect from the upcoming Landlord Information Night, on Tuesday 6 September 2016.

There are still spots available so if you are interested in the latest tips and advice for Landlords then this will be a great information night for you.

Click here to book your seat