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5 Things You Should Do When Buying An Investment Property

Owning a home is one of the greatest expenses most Australians will ever undertake. A popular trend at the moment for people who are struggling to afford their dream home is to look at an alternative home to own that they are purchasing as an investment property.

Some areas that we have identified that will help you get maximum bang for your … Read more »

Plan The Year Ahead For Your Investment Property

The New Year break is great for spending time planning the year ahead. The management of your investment property is no exception.

Some areas that you could benefit from considering includes:

Your Property Management Team.
Consider your level of satisfaction with your property management team. Are there areas that you feel they could better serve your needs and manage what is likely to be … Read more »

Could Your Property Be Sub-Let Over Summer

Much of the Australian rental property market in suburbs surrounding Universities are occupied by students of those Universities. As expected, over summer when University is out, many of these students returned home or spend these months traveling.

If you lease your property to students, it may spend some time vacant, or there is also the possibility that your tenants could be sub-leased … Read more »

Preparing Your Investment Property For The Summer Months

Keeping on top of the maintenance of your investment property is important all year round, but there are some summer specific outside maintenance activities that will ensure your property makes it through the summer months in tip-top shape.

Clean Out The Gutters

This one is top of the list is your property, particularly if it is in a bushfire prone area. Cleaning out … Read more »

5 Most Overlooked Things When Renovating

Transforming your home or rental property through a renovation can be anything from a lick of paint right through to a complete make-over. Budget often plays a major part as to what you undertake and the quality of the finishes and fixtures that you choose. There are however some tips from the seasoned renovator that you should take on board. Some will not add to your expenses, but all of … Read more »

Claim property depreciation this financial year

Property depreciation deductions can make a significant difference to any investment property owner’s cash flow. Despite this, of all the deductions available to be claimed by investors, depreciation is the most often missed.

Every property investor can benefit from learning more about depreciation and discovering the process involved in finding out what deductions are available to claim.

Here are some key points to be aware of:

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) allows … Read more »

Common Questions Landlords Ask

What do you explain to the tenant before they move into the property?

Before the tenant is given access to the property, we go through a 15 – 20 minute Tenant Induction with them face to face.

We explain:

        Rent payment dates and methods
        Rent arrears policy
        What to do in an … Read more »

10 cost effective tips for adding value to your investment

At Living Here South Yarra, we understand the importance of effectively maintaining a property to ensure the best possible rental return for owners. There are areas where your money is better spent to prevent overcapitalising on your investment and these include:

Window furnishings
Curtains or blinds are another area which reflect the era of a property and can easily date a home. If replacing the window furnishings think about the long term … Read more »

Reasons to Rent & Not Buy

There is a silver lining to renting. From greater flexibility to surprising financial savings, we have 7 reasons why people prefer to rent.

No worries about garden maintenance. If you rent an apartment, your yard might be maintenance free, or if there is a grassy yard, the landscaping might be maintained by the landlord. If you have a green thumb, of course you can make the most of your space with a … Read more »

Answers to the Most Common Questions Landlords Ask!

Owning investment property is very rewarding. There are two main parts to the property investing process:

Finding and purchasing the property; and
Managing the property

Most property investors choose to have a Property Manager handle the second part of this process. This takes out most of the hard work. However, as the landlord of the investment property you own, you cannot abrogate … Read more »