How To Find A New Property Manager

We understand that finding the right property manager can be challenging.

We have a combination of property owners that have just purchased their property as well as many owners who have chosen to transfer to us from other agencies. We understand the struggle and appreciate just how difficult it can be to navigate your way through the significant amount of information available to work out who is going to work best for you.

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Common Property Depreciation [Explained]

This article is from our trusted tax depreciation specialists, BMT Tax Depreciation Quantity Surveyors
Shared assets in strata title lucrative for investors
A strata title is used when individuals own part of a property usually called a ‘lot’. This is generally an apartment, unit or townhouse complex which shares ownership of common property including driveways, foyers and gardens.

The ownerships are combined through a legal entity called the owner’s corporation, … Read more »


Pest Control In Rental Properties: Who Is Responsible?

The term ‘pest control’ covers a number of types of animal infestations and outbreaks. Pests and vermin may become evident in rental properties at some stage during a tenancy.

But who is responsible for managing pest control?
Pests may include:

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Living In South Yarra – Neighbourhood Insights

Thinking about moving to South Yarra? Here is a snapshot of South Yarra that will help you get to know the suburb better.

The time it will take you to get to Melbourne’s CBD

Public Transport – 15 minutes
Bike Ride – 19 minutes
Walk – 52 minutes
Drive – 17 minutes

South Yarra’s Demographics

Average Age – 20 – 39
Families – 30%
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5 Things You Should Do When Buying An Investment Property

Owning a home is one of the greatest expenses most Australians will ever undertake. A popular trend at the moment for people who are struggling to afford their dream home is to look at an alternative home to own that they are purchasing as an investment property.

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Where Is Hot Right Now For Renters?

This time of year is traditionally a busy time for Property Managers with the somewhat transient University crowd heading back to create home bases for the year ahead, as well as the phenomenon we seem to have adopted of ‘new year, new me’ which can often translate into a ‘new year, new home’ attitude.

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Plan The Year Ahead For Your Investment Property

The New Year break is great for spending time planning the year ahead. The management of your investment property is no exception.

Some areas that you could benefit from considering includes:

Your Property Management Team.
Consider your level of satisfaction with your property management team. Are there areas that you feel they could better serve your needs and manage what is likely to be … Read more »


Could Your Property Be Sub-Let Over Summer

Much of the Australian rental property market in suburbs surrounding Universities are occupied by students of those Universities. As expected, over summer when University is out, many of these students returned home or spend these months traveling.

If you lease your property to students, it may spend some time vacant, or there is also the possibility that your tenants could be sub-leased … Read more »


Preparing Your Investment Property For The Summer Months

Keeping on top of the maintenance of your investment property is important all year round, but there are some summer specific outside maintenance activities that will ensure your property makes it through the summer months in tip-top shape.

Clean Out The Gutters

This one is top of the list is your property, particularly if it is in a bushfire prone area. Cleaning out … Read more »


9 Handy Tips For Tenants When Vacating

Tenants can often find the vacating process a very stressful time, but it doesn’t need to be.

Once our tenants have provided us with their intention to vacate, we provide them with a Vacating Procedures Pack to ensure their vacate goes as smooth as possible. Here are a few pointers to help you out.

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