Property Management

Living Here South Yarra are Residential Property Management specialists.

At Living Here South Yarra we are solely focused on Residential Property Management which allows us the time and focus to provide you with a high level of service. We pride ourselves on effectively managing your investment property which in turn helps you create wealth, lifestyle and independence.

The Living Here South Yarra team benefit from the backing of the Living Here brand and bring South Yarra and the surrounding suburbs a highly experienced group of property specialists willing to work with you to ensure your property is receiving maximum return with minimum vacancies.

Don’t trust your greatest asset to just anyone – Trust Living Here South Yarra

Living Here South Yarra experienced team believe their difference is in the detail. Some of the highlights of dealing with our South Yarra team include:

  • Landlord payments are processed daily
  • Strict rent management process
  • Leading technology manages our Tenants Direct Deposit payments
  • 24-7 online booking system that allows prospective tenants to automatically book inspections for properties
  • Rented Property Inspections – Up To 7 Per Rental Term
  • Return contact (call/email/sms) guarantee within 4 business hours
  • No surprise charges for maintenance / repairs
  • Rental Reviews every 6 Months
  • 3 Star Tenancy Policy
  • We won’t leave you wondering what is happening with your property when it is vacant
  • Staff are trained daily

For more details on any of these points please see below.

You can rest assured your property is in good hands with Living Here South Yarra. Contact us today at chat more about what you are looking for in a property manager 03 9826 1399 or

Landlord payments are processed daily
We pay you your money on the day that it is received from the tenant.

Strict rent payment management process
When something goes wrong you can rely on us. Unfortunately, sometimes bad things happen to good people and therefore, despite having selected good tenants with a great history, circumstances can change. The difference in the outcome will be how quickly we take appropriate action, in consultation with you. You will be notified at Day 1 if the rent payment is not received. We have a strict policy on the payment and collection of rent and the tenant will receive a number and variety of reminders each day they are late. 1-3 days in arrears the tenant will receive a text message, email and phone call. 4-7 days in arrears the tenant will receive phone calls and letters. 8-14 days in arrears the tenant will receive a breach notice, formal letter and commencement of the eviction procedure. 15th day in arrears the tenant will receive a notice to vacate rented premises

Tenant Payment Direct Debit System
We use Australia’s leading tenant payment direct debit system for rent collection. It is the policy of our office that all rent is paid through the Payment Gateway system. All of our tenants are advised this is the compulsory payment method.

24-7 online booking system that allows prospective tenants to automatically book inspections for properties
Our convenient online booking system allows prospective tenants to book a property inspection online, any time of the day or night, automatically confirms the booking (via email and/or SMS) with the prospective tenant & provides tenants (and agents) with reminders of an upcoming inspection. This ensures our open for inspections at the property extremely effective. After the open for inspections, the landlord will instantly receive a report in regards to the inspection.

Up To 7 Property Inspections
We conduct up to 7 inspections at the property within a 12-month tenancy agreement. The inspections include in going condition report, 2 routine inspections, external inspection, pre vacating inspection, open for inspections before current tenant vacates, outgoing inspection.

Return contact (call/email/sms) guarantee within 4 business hours
This is simple. We guarantee that you will have return contact via call/email/sms within 4 business hours.

No surprise charges for maintenance/repairs
Prior to any works undertaken you will be notified by phone call, email or SMS. We will provide quotes if necessary. We will provide progress reports on major works. We will advise you once the maintenance/repair work is completed.

6 Monthly Rent Reviews
We conduct regular rent reviews of the property to ensure you are achieving market value on the investment.

3 Star Tenant Policy
The 3-star policy system means that after we conduct a routine inspection we report back to the landlord on how the property is being kept and what type of tenant is in the property. All of this information is kept on our system which means that if the tenant ever needs a future reference for a real estate office or a bank etc our office can give an accurate and honest reference. Star 1 Rent is paid on time via direct debit, Star 2  The tenant is looking after the property and maintaining to Living Here cleaning standards, Star 3 The tenant conducts themselves in a professional manner be being polite, courteous and easy to deal with at all times.

We won’t leave you wondering what is happening with your property when it is vacant
You will receive a weekly report regarding the status of your property. We will update you after each inspection and review your property weekly to ensure everything is being done to find the right tenant.

We undergo daily online training, monthly face to face training and in office training to continually enhance our knowledge and skills in Property Management.