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Fire Season – Now is the right time to prepare

This summer, with deficient long-term rainfall and the Bureau of Meteorology’s outlook for drier and warmer conditions, they are predicting an ‘above-normal’ fire season.

Now is the time to better understand your fire risk – so talk to your family, friends and neighbours about your plans, and make sure you know when to leave and where to go to stay safe.

Remember, you don’t have to live in the country to be … Read more »

Preparing your home for Bushfire Season 

Bushfires cause loss of life and millions of dollars in damage every year in Australia.

They’re devastating, but they’re a fact of life, so it’s critical you understand if you’re at risk, how to minimise that risk and where to get help and more information if you need it.

Embers floating through the air before and after the main fire front are responsible … Read more »