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5 Property Depreciation Tips

Depreciation is the key to increasing cash flow on a residential property. Here are five tips about depreciation to assist investment property owners.

1. No property is too old
An investment property does not need to be new. Both new and old properties attract depreciation deductions. One common myth is that older properties will attract no claim. It’s worth making an enquiry about any property.

2. Claim renovations completed by previous owners
Any improvements … Read more »

Top 6 Tips To Being An Awesome Landlord

Our top 6 include: 

Be Professional
Know the Laws
Undertake Regular Repairs
Respect their Privacy
Be Accessible

Better landlords attract better tenants. Why? If you consider your rental properties as a business, then your tenants are your customers. You’re providing a service that they are paying for. In that case, wouldn’t you want to keep your best customers for as long as … Read more »

9 Ways to settle in as a new Landlord

With property a top investment choice for many Australians, more of us than ever before are becoming landlords. Truth be told, the life of a landlord consists of time-consuming legal responsibilities. Here are some tips to help you feel at home as a new landlord.

1. Remember, your property is a business, not your home.
When you make decisions about your property, it’s only … Read more »

Tips on preparing your property for photography

Getting your home ready to lease or even sell is one of the most important steps of the advertising process. This is the time where your property will attract the best tenant and at the best price.

Here are our tops tips on preparing your property for photography:



Clean bench tops of food, dish racks and cutting board
Remove fridge magnets and … Read more »