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Where Is Hot Right Now For Renters?

This time of year is traditionally a busy time for Property Managers with the somewhat transient University crowd heading back to create home bases for the year ahead, as well as the phenomenon we seem to have adopted of ‘new year, new me’ which can often translate into a ‘new year, new home’ attitude.

Recent statistics taken from for South Yarra and … Read more »

Mould & Condensation Prevention

Winter in Melbourne is very damp and wet which attracts mould. Preventing mould is not only important to your home, but also your health as mould can cause reactions in people with allergies or asthma.
Here are our tips on how to best prevent mould in your home:
Find out Why

Mould can appear due to excess moisture, humidity, condensation or a plumbing … Read more »

Video Feature :: Landlords Mark & Joanna

Inaugural Living Here Awards – We Won!!

In October our team was fortunate enough to attended the Inaugural Living Here Awards and Retreat Conference. We learned from a range of speakers who shared suggestions, ideas and insights into opportunities to better service our clients.

For the Living Here South Yarra team the highlight of the Conference was winning the “Excellence in Marketing” Award. Having joined the Living Here Group a little over 12 months ago, we felt that this … Read more »

9 Ways to settle in as a new Landlord

With property a top investment choice for many Australians, more of us than ever before are becoming landlords. Truth be told, the life of a landlord consists of time-consuming legal responsibilities. Here are some tips to help you feel at home as a new landlord.

1. Remember, your property is a business, not your home.
When you make decisions about your property, it’s only … Read more »

Unhappy with your current Property Manager?

It’s time to transfer your management to a new agent!

It is a common misconception that some landlords believe a property cannot be transferred to another management agency while a tenancy is in place…..Yes it can.

The transfer can be managed quickly and easily on your behalf by the newly appointed agent as soon as you have assigned authorisation for them to do so.

There … Read more »