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Are you considering an investment property?

Provided you purchase wisely, rental properties can be a great source of income, as your tenants pay off your home loan while you benefit from capital gains.

It’s clear to see that being a landlord is a popular form of investment. However, what does the undertaking involve?

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How Organised People Stay Organised

Lets’ be honest, we all know at least one, we wonder how they do it and we envy them for being so utterly organised yet so calm and relaxed…. How can they possibly be? They are.

You know who we are talking about. The ones that are never caught in the rain, never caught in traffic, always on time, dressed immaculately, have time … Read more »

Tired of Renting? Saving strategies for first home buyers

Tired of renting? There are sensible ways to save up for that first home without giving up everything.

To help you get into your first home quicker, we have found some of Australia’s foremost property experts and their top tips.

Get into budgeting

Turn budgeting into a game.

Budgeting is not sexy, but it does give you control over your finances … Read more »