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Three Emerging Trends In Property Investment

What will 2019 hold for the property market? We look at some of the biggest trends we’re likely to see in the year ahead.

Investors seeking regional areas over metropolitan
As property price growth continues to slow in Sydney and Melbourne, there is an increasing demand for regional properties by investors thanks to more affordable housing opportunities.

According to CoreLogic’s Home Property Value Index for … Read more »

Depreciation and off-the-plan properties

Investors who are looking to purchase a new property often look at buying off-the plan.

Buying off-the-plan essentially means you are entering into a contract to purchase a property prior to, or during the construction phase of a property or a development.

One big benefit of purchasing off-the-plan that investors often fail to consider is the property depreciation benefits available.

There are significant depreciation deductions available to the owner of a property purchased … Read more »

10 Steps For An Enjoyable Property Investment

Investing in property is a long held Australian dream – it’s as if it’s entrenched into our DNA.  We know investors choose property because:

it’s generally less volatile than the share market,
it’s tangible,
there are tax incentives and
you can earn income from tenants.

What’s interesting though is that while many Australians invest in property, few do so with a plan … Read more »